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Jenna Rogerson, LCSW

Specialized areas of Therapy:

Cognitive behavioral therapy

Interpersonal therapy 








Jenna has known from an early age that her passion was to help others. Aligning her schooling with the mindset of service, she attended the University of Florida where she was heavily involved in volunteer work, even travelling to South Africa to spend a summer working in townships affected by HIV/AIDS. From that point forward, she knew she wanted to combine her love of healthcare and her passion for helping others. After earning her Masters of Social Work from the University of South Florida and interning at the VA, Jenna realized that healthcare was a field where like-minded individuals used their unique strengths and gifts to benefit others. For the next 10 years Jenna served in various healthcare settings before leaving to pursue her passion of mental health therapy. This eventually led her to OneMed, a place where care givers are using their gifts to help better the communities they serve. With this in mind, joining the team was a simple decision. Taking her love of therapy and her knowledge of healthcare, Jenna joined the OneMed team and is looking forward to continuing her work in the service of others.
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