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What is Spravato®?
An Alternative Approach to Treating Depression

How it works

Learn how Spravato® treats depression

What to expect

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Is Spravato® Right for You?
Discover the power of Nasal Esketamine, known as Spravato®. This FDA-approved therapy offers a option that fits seamlessly into your existing treatment plan.


Experience a treatment that is both safe and effective.

Insurance Coverage

Rest easy knowing that Spravato® is covered by most insurance plans, including Medicare.

What's so special about esketamine?

Ketamine is primarily recognized as an anesthetic drug. While it’s also known for its recreational use as a psychedelic street drug, when administered under medical supervision, it can be used safely.

In March 2019, the FDA approved a nasal spray version of ketamine known as esketamine. This formulation has shown promise in treating depression due to its effects.

Having adequate coverage is essential

Esketamine nasal spray for depression is included in the coverage of numerous major insurance companies.

At OneMed, our Care Team alleviates the burden of dealing with insurance matters. We handle all the necessary tasks on your behalf, including phone calls, emails, and paperwork.

Navigating insurance companies for coverage can be challenging, regardless of whether you’re dealing with depression or not.

What sensations are you experiencing?

As a psychedelic drug, esketamine nasal spray elicits distinct sensations compared to other substances such as alcohol. Throughout the treatment, you might experience dizziness, euphoria, or a sense of intoxication. Following the session, you may feel groggy and disoriented. It’s important to note that you shouldn’t engage in any hazardous activities for the remainder of the day, including driving a vehicle. Therefore, it’s advisable to have someone accompany you to drive you home after the treatment.

Where can I receive treatment?

We provide esketamine nasal spray treatment for depression at specific OneMed Location.

Please note that esketamine nasal spray must be administered at a REMS (Risk Evaluation and Mitigation System) certified center by a certified provider.
Discover more about esketamine nasal spray.
The initial point of contact, whether it's in-person, or telehealth will be with our Psychiatrist. They will discuss your medical history with you and provide information about the esketamine nasal spray treatment process.
We handle insurance so you can focus on treatment.
Your Patient Consultant will explain payment options, including reviewing insurance plan criteria, and will coordinate with your health insurance provider to determine benefits.

Should I choose IV ketamine or Spravato® (nasal esketamine)?

IV ketamine

  • * Not FDA-approved for depression treatment
  • * Limited insurance coverage
  • * Not available at OneMed


Esketamine nasal spray (Spravato®)

  • * FDA-approved for depression treatment
  • * Widespread insurance coverage
  • * Available at OneMed
Determine if psychedelic ketamine-based depression treatment is suitable for you.
If the OneMed provider deems you suitable for esketamine nasal spray treatment and you're prepared to proceed, they will formulate your personalized treatment plan.

Does insurance cover nasal esketamine?

Absolutely! Numerous major insurance providers cover ketamine-based depression treatment if you haven’t experienced improvement after trying only two antidepressants.

You're prepared to begin feeling better!
Before treatment, avoid eating for two hours and consuming large amounts of fluids for 30 minutes.

At OneMed centers, we typically schedule esketamine nasal spray treatments in the afternoon to fit your schedule. You would visit the OneMed center in the afternoon for your treatment, return home, have dinner, and then go to bed. By the next morning, most individuals are ready to resume their day with no restrictions.

Typical Nasal Esketamine Treatment Experience

  1. Arrive at the center and settle into a comfortable chair.
  2. Administer the nasal spray yourself.
  3. Relax under the supervision of our Care Team.
  4. Ensure you have someone available to drive you home.

How It Works

Innovative Solutions for Lasting Change

Explore the science behind Spravato® and understand how it effectively treats depression, offering you a new perspective on life.

A typical treatment course

Phase 1

2 treatments a week for 4 weeks

Phase 2

1 treatment a week for 4 weeks

Phase 3

1 treatment every 1-2 weeks

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Therapy

  • At OneMed Clinic, our approach involves personalized ketamine-based depression treatment, tailored to individual needs for optimal results.
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